our gig at the schleppe alm tomorrow got cancelled so you can all go and see the deloreans play at the galerie cafe! sorry people, we will be there anytime soon though! – hang in there – your BEaTBRaTs


happy birthday mr. mosh!


hey, we have the support show for the peacocks in graz confirmed now, great band, lovely guys, best times! see you there!


ok, so we are trying to get shows for april, may and so on, while we are working on new stuff for an upcoming double-EP. we might also support the peacocks in graz in early march, but we’ll let you know as soon as anything is fixed right here on this site. thanx – bye for now – happy valentines day – le BEaTBRaTS


hi everyone! it’s kinda hard to believe that we really played the 7TH(!!) christmas show at the barfly in klagenfurt, i hope you enjoyed it, we did of course. bratley is recovering from his sore throat, too bad he couldn’t sing that day…
once again thanks to 7 YEARS BAD LUCK and FANCY FRENETIX for joining the show and singing with us!
for everybody interested in booking shows with us we now are happy to introduce you to SILVIO our new agent. you can check him out at the contact section.
well then, have a good rest of the year and a safe and eventful 2005. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
your band – BEaTBRaTS


so first we wanna shout out a big ‘YEAH!’ to all the people who showed up at our recent gigs in vienna, feldkirchen and schwanenstadt. we were really happy to play again and had a lot of fun on- and backstage. special thanks to 7 years bad luck for joining us and being cool about everything. WE are going into another little break to work on some songs for another upcoming EP. in the meantime you are invited to come and see THE CRETINS play at the explo in graz together with LEFTÖVER CRACK and FIVE KNUCKLE on wed 24th 2004 and maybe check out the ANTIMANIAX and ASTPAI on the next day at the music house in GRAZ. see you in december!
CAndEE & the BEaTBRaTS


holla! hope you all had a fun summer yeah we did enjoy it too now we are back in our places. we hope there are going to be a bunch of shows coming up in october and november. for anyone interested theCretins site is gonna be online soon at go check it out! see ya around!


hey everbody! unfortunatly we couldn’t play the donauinselfest again this year because of… yeah, you’re right, Candee helps out LeftÖverCrack on their european-tour this summer. I’m sure they’ll have a good time. Bratley and me are going to hit the studio with our second band TheCretins in July and we are all looking forward to the show in Hainburg with our friends Rodriguez and Boysclub. Enjoy the summer. Pete


yes, summer is finally starting to settle here in austria! best time to take a trip on a boat around a lake in the evening, so why not do so when candee does his beatcamp cd-launch party together with OnceTastedLife on the ‘klagenfurt’ ship on the ‘wörthersee’? see further details at


hi! here’s some good news:
finally our new shirts have arrived!! we’ll put the new design on the ‘merch’ section soon, you can get the shirts at our upcoming shows around austria. make sure you’re all there at the ‘lumberjack festival’ next week. redlightsflash, basilikum, once tasted life, rotten rooters and some more of the flashiest punks will be there too…


hello you monkees!
to anyone who’s seen and liked us in stp and oberndorf thanx for sticking around and to those who bought our cds(3) thanks for your support. greets to alex in stp and psych & rew in od! to all others ‘happy easter holidays you fuckers’. now we can’t wait to play kirchbach on saturday, redlightsflash, bridge to solace, sadirrity, forever ends tonight and drowning in november are all gonna be there and we’ll have a huge party!! so make sure you are there too. bye


oh yes!
so this gig with that band in that place in vienna got cancelled unfortunately. yeah it sucks, but we’ll be back soon anyway. at the time we are sorting out some new merchandise and try to get some more shows in germany and austria. and we already have plans for a rehearsing weekend!! can you believe that? we might as well just fuck it up again, who knows. see you then, +paramedics!


hey there!
we’re sorry to say that the gig at the chelsea in vienna is being delayed for a couple weeks because we know you are all going to see ‘sick of it all’ play in the arena, so go check them out and come see us play another time! we will keep you updated about our upcoming dates, be careful today it’s friday 13th! bye, *candee*


happy new year 2004 to all of you out there!
we are back in the middle of january already and it’s time to realize that there’s a lot of new work to do and more shows to play. we are currently planning to get gigs for march and april in austria, and there’s three dates coming up, so check it out and try to be there! if you want to know more, there’s a email and adress list at the contact section. the ‘band’ section is finally working as well. we’ll see you soon
the brats