‘tainted’ CD 2003, p.a.m. records,vienna
recorded sept.2002 at fuzzroom, klgft, AT
produced with herwig zamernik
tracklisting: 1. don’t waste my time
2. 12 feet 10
3. betty
4. want you bad
5. nice day to riot
6. old school yard
7. caught
8. another night
9. my fault
10. running out
11. shoot it up
12. your dreams
13. f.y.h.b.

1ee790e842bb9ffe0f1f1c2b52386a56 ‘the revenge of the muppet puppets from teen planet’ EP 2001, self-distributed
recorded october 2000 and june 2001 at fuzzroom, klgft, AT; produced with herwig zamernik
tracklisting: 1. nice day to riot
2. sunday morning (new version)
3. nice guy
4. 2 girls 1 boy
5. so much to say
6. let me go
7. muppet puppet
IMG_453872 ”tired, lonely, fucked up, good’ CD 1999, p.a.m. records, vienna
recorded april 1999 and june/july 1999 at westland studios,klgft, and arena studios, vienna, AT. produced with h. zamernik
1.no questions
2. teenage queen
3. pool party
4. sunday morning
5. life in a cage
6. everyday
7. pinocchio
8. far away
9. my addiction
10. my old bike
11. watch me
12. none of my business
13. my name
14. f.w.
15. growing up
16. all my friends
images millenium madness
vitaminepillen records sampler
www.vitaminepillen-records.comVitaminepillen Records

52538 Selfkant‘Music’_to_your_Ears_and_your_Brain!_Ayurveda_and_Music_Therapy! jubilee 2004 – the mother of compilations
a rattlesnake vienna / enemy collaboration
www.enemy.atincludes ’12feet10’www.jubilee2004.at.tt

other artists: 3 feet smaller, asstronauts, astpai, the casualties, forty winks, guadalajara, jupiter jones, maxeen, psy-9, suicide machines etc.



hrty from the ashes compilation
rise again records
punk / trash / hardcore releases, sheffield, UK
includes ‘don’t waste my





time’www.riseagain.org.ukimages schubumkehr compilation CD
rise or rust records
RISE OR RUST – Records,
P.O. Box 699,
8010 Graz, Austria
includes ‘nice day to riot’www.riseorrustrecords.com other artists: sick of silence, rotten rooters, redlightsflash, bounz the ball, surfaholics, springy pinestix, once tasted life etc.


images radio 97,9 FM – das soundportal
sound :department – vision 01
2001 downstreet records
includes ‘2 girls 1 boy’www.soundportal.at other artists: calexico, sportfreunde stiller, naked lunch, oasis, heinz, donots, supergrass, readymade…



music feldkirchen

no label/distribution
includes ‘another night’ 2001 version other artists: ernte 69, a



fonds perdu, black roses, jam trax… Live-music-bg visions all areas, vol 2
april 2000
includes ‘sunday morning’ taken from the debut ‘tired lonely fucked up good’ other artists: bad religion, snuff, new wave hookers,…



music-628740_960_720 ‘inside band guide’ 1998
compilation of carinthian bands.
includes the song ‘life in a cage’ by former ‘bitch boys’. demo recording of april 1998. other artists: benzol, störsender, tonträger, wit tha movement, sinnlos, …

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